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We engage in journeys that are either our own or that we share with others in our lives. The truth is, we are not destined to have the type of lives we seek and have. Rather, we are programmed to behave the way we do in certain situations.

Self-development conjures different thoughts for everyone. For some, it is the end of old habits, a new place to live, a good book, new relationships, or mindful reflection. But for others it means just one thing: to look for the best resources to improve oneself, either by finding a place to work out, eat well, listening to the best music, or an overall search for being fit and healthy.

Why do we age? Age is not real. Our thoughts can influence our cells and our DNA, causing premature aging or preserving youth, depending on our perception of situations in our life.

The environment that surrounded our parents played an important role in the way they were raised, and in how we were introduced to this world. The belief systems they acquired were not their own. It was just passed along to future generations and therefore affected everyone in the process.

We are what we eat. Our gut and brain connection explains why our body reacts to certain foods affecting brain impulses. The saying that many scientists refer to the gut as the second brain could be true. At the end of the day, we’re only as healthy as our gut.

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